1. The apartment is to be left in the orderly condition as it was upon arrival.
  2. All arising damages/defects are to be reported to ETF TRAVEL – even such damages/defects which are the result of wear and tear and/or no longer being usable.
  3. All windows and doors are to be properly closed upon departure.
  4. Parking motor vehicles as well as placing bicycles is only allowed at the provided parking/storage area.
  5. When utilising common rooms such as the fitness room, laundry room and barbecue site, these facilities are also to be left in the same condition as they were found upon arrival.
  6. The customary quiet hours from 13.00 to 15.00 as well as from 22.00 to 08.00 are to be observed. During these times everyone has to see to it that excessive noise is not made by third parties.
  7. Subleasing to other individuals is prohibited! Visits by third parties within reasonable limits is permitted by ETF TRAVEL.
  8. Think about the environment! Excessive consumption of electricity, water and heating costs is not permitted (e.g. uninterrupted use of water supply, utilisation of heaters while windows are opened).
  9. Providing the furnishings of the ETF APARTMENT is based on a foundation of trust vis-à-vis the tenant.
  10. Entering private rooms in the ETF HOUSE is not welcome.
  11. Non-compliance regarding consumption of ETS food, beverages and snacks is not permitted.
  12. Smoking in the ETF Apartment is prohibited! At the garden area you have the possibility to smoke.
  13. Please pay attention to our waste separation procedures!