Rental/contractual conditions

1. Basis
The rental is effected in the name and on account of ETF TRAVEL

2. Services
The contractual relationship comprises the utilisation of the holiday apartment as well as the identified common facilities, including the fixtures and furnishings therein, in accordance with the statements contained in the booking confirmation, and under consideration of this Agreement. Responsibility on the part of the landlord which exceeds the provisioning of the cleaned apartment upon the designated date is excluded.

3. Rental term
Arrival and departure day are considered as 1 day. The apartment has to be vacated by no later than 12.00 on departure day. Kitchen utensils and cutlery are to be left behind in a clean state. Loaned linen (hand and bath towels as well as bed linen) is to be returned. Please also heed our additional House Rules, which are affixed to your apartment door. An authorisation to move in can only be effected at 4.00pm upon an immediately pending vacant tenancy; otherwise moving in can only be effected, after argreement with us, earlier.

4. Tenant liability
The apartment may only be utilised by as many people as stipulated in the booking. Deviations are only possible in arrangement upon confirmation at the conclusion of the contract. With regard to the care and the handling of the inventory and the furnishings, a bond of trust exists between the tenant and the landlord, which foresees the immediate reporting of damages. Insofar as it is possible, any compensation can thus be decided on the spot. The apartment may not be utilised by individuals who suffer from contagious illnesses. Also in the event of ignorance, the tenant will be held responsible for any consequential damages to third parties or for loss of rent, insofar as the legal provisions permit this. Liability on the part of the landlord is excluded. Utilisation is effected at one’s own risk.

5. Withdrawal possibilities
The booking (conclusion of contract) is only binding for both parties if a confirmation is at hand and the deposit has been effected within the agreed time limit. Thereafter a withdrawal per registered letter is only possible up to 6 weeks before commencement of the rental (posting). After expiration of this period the tenant is responsible to the full extent for any loss of revenue as a result of non-utilisation of the holiday and/or as a result of not furnishing proof of a substitute tenant. It is therefore recommended to take out an appropriate insurance for protection, which can be effected by ETD TRAVEL. If the withdrawal is effected within the agreed time limit, the amounts already paid will be paid back by ETF TRAVEL within 14 days after deduction of a 25 EUR processing fee.

6. Payments
A deposit in the amount of 25 % of the rental amount has to be effected within 10 days at the latest to the bank account stated in the confirmation of order (beginning on the date of confirmation). A 2nd payment – in the amount of 25 % of the rental amount, as stated in the confirmation – has to be effected by the withdrawal date (6 weeks before commencement of the rental period). The remaining 50 % will be paid on-site upon commencement of the rental period. In the event of bookings within 6 weeks before commencement of the rental period, no withdrawal possibility exists, and the deposit is increased to 50 % of the rental amount.

7. House Rules
Please gather the binding conduct guidelines from our House Rules, which are affixed on the inside of your apartment door. On request, these can be sent in advance by post with the confirmation of booking.

8. Children
Parents are obligated to provide proper supervision of their children in and around the apartment building. In particular, playing and noise in the stairway shall therefore not be undertaken. Attention: The children’s playground in the immediate vicinity may not be used, since this belongs to the Mittelstrimmig Kindergarten. There is an official children’s playground in Mittelstrimmig which may be utilised by our small guests.

9. Pets
Pets are also welcome in the ETF Apartment. A one-off fee of 10 EUR will be charged for the stay. Animals must be registered in advance. Hunting dogs are unfortunately forbidden.

10. Outdoor facilities & common rooms
Green (park) spaces and ornamental facilities are to be taken care of. Equipment and furnishings in the common rooms as well as the open-air seating area with barbecue site are to be treated with special care. After leaving the rooms as the last users, remember as much as possible to turn off the light.

11. Waste separation procedures
On behalf of the environment we ask that you maintain a considerate behaviour, and we also would like to draw your attention to our waste separate procedures, which are indicated in your holiday apartment by means of provided signs.

12. Notification
Damages, consumption of food, snacks & beverages provided by us, as well as other incidents, are to be reported to ETF TRAVEL

13. Place of jurisdiction
Cochem District Court/Koblenz State Court.

14. Bank Account
Recipient Ellen Frensch - IBAN Nr. DE83 5001 0517 5427 0963 21 - Bank ING-DiBa AG - BIC INGDDEFFXXX